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Professional Development

boost your performance at work

Professional development services are designed for professionals who want to:


  • Take their career to the next level

  • Improve work performance

  • Leverage what they do best at work

  • Gain self-awareness

  • Better manage challenges at work

  • Improve productivity and time management

If you are ready to take your career to the next level and improve in your professional life, professional development services are the right option for you. 

Is this you?

* You would like to improve your performance and succeed in your current role, but you don't know how


* You don't know what type of work is the best fit for you and where you would make the biggest impact

* You can't clearly articulate what you are great at, how you add value to a team, and what's your unique contribution

* You tend to focus on your weaknesses and can't see your strengths

* You can't figure out what you are good at doing

work on your most pressing challenges through 1:1 Coaching

coaching services

partner with a coach to achieve your professional goals
Work on your most important career goals through a personalized and confidential coaching program.
My coaching programs are customized to your needs and designed to help you reach your objectives. 

As part of every coaching program, I use the StrengthsFinder tool to build self-awareness by helping you better understand your strengths, your weaknesses, your blind spots, your unique contribution, and your needs. This tool serves as a great starting point for professional development.

My programs are designed over 3, 6 or 12 months and my sessions are delivered over the phone or using zoom.

Learn more about my services and get started with your personalized program now!


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What is strengthsfinder?

StrengthsFinder is an assessment that measures the presence of talents in 34 general areas referred to as themes. It is one of the most powerful and innovative tools on the market that allows people to identify their areas of talents. Since 2001, it has helped millions of people discover what they do best and achieve excellence at work. 

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